Rammstein Wins Best Live Band

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The UK Metal Hammer Golden Gods Award 2012 has deemed Rammstein the winner in the “Best Live Band” category. Not surprised whatsoever. When I think back to the concert I can almost feel the warmth of Till’s flames on my face. Flames from his mouth, flames from his wings, flames everywhere.

Flake’s boat ride leaves the biggest impression on me. Working together like a flock of birds  – more appropriately – like a of school of fish, (they did it during Hailfisch, one of the best tracks off Liebe Ist Für Alle Da) the fans never failed to bring Flake back on stage in time. Apparently this little stunt has been going on for years, with one of my favorite instances taking place in St. Petersburg when a fan jumped into the boat…Ruskis have the biggest balls (no bias of course).

But the show wasn’t great because of their tricks or pyromaniac tendencies. Each member gives off an infectious energy that I, sitting in the nosebleed seats, felt crawl under my skin. Till Lindemann is a bull. He commands the crowd with nothing but his presence. Walking around on stage, his body seems heavier than a Sturmpanzerwagen A7V, every movement calculated and precise. He is dominating and effective to the point of mesmerization. His hand gestures alone could silence a crowd. In a way, they are all robotic, but not in the sense of forced and unnatural,  in the sense of perfection and efficiency. The same can be said for their music so it all comes together in a way that cannot be matched.


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