Bee’s Beautiful Tattoo

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This is my friend Bee and her beautiful tattoo.


“This tattoo is an ode to my grandma Hanna. When I was a little, I lived with her on the farm in Poland and then remember her visiting us in Canada years later. My most memorable moment with her was having her teach me how to harvest seeds for next spring. I always associate flower gardens with her. ” -Bee

How long did it take you to go through with it?

Over a year. I knew long ago that I would want a 3 flowered plant with roots in a Victorian botanical style on my back, slightly cascading down onto my shoulder, but I didn’t know which plant. I did my research when it came to poppies- there are so many different types and colours. I chose poppies because thy are native to both Canada and Poland, and I chose pink because the colour reflects my feminine style as well as being the colour for the breast cancer association (my grandma was a survivor).

Where did I get it done and would you recommend it?

I got it done by Susi at Armoured Soul. This shop used to be located down on Queen west in Toronto but had recently moved to Windsor Ontario. I highly recommend checking out Susi’s work- she is incredibly talented, and knows how to use her ink gun like a soft paintbrush. As soon as I saw her portfolio, I knew she was the artist for me!

Your you wearing more backless shirts now?

Yes and no. I love the style of my tattoo as it is a direct extension of my own style and personality. It seems that my favourite pieces in my closet already seem to compliment the tattoo because of the colours and cut. Although I will admit to buy more racier shirts lately.

Will you be getting another, why or why not?

Yes! This is my second and the experience was much more memorable than my first. I highly recommend giving your ideas time to sink in, grow and shift before being manifested. Two months before I even got my tattoo, I felt the phantom burn on my back as though it was already there. I was mentally prepared.

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